The Search For Identity

Answering the quintessential, philosophical questions:

Who am I?
Who do I want to be?

What do I want to represent? 
RE:PRESENT translates the tracing back to our roots to rise. On a reflective note, to understand ourselves. On an expressive note, to show ourselves to the world. 

Our roots grow far and deep, we trace them back in time, across territories and boundaries, to go and find them. We find a growing appreciation for our human heritage, a rich legacy left by those that came before us and on whose shoulders we stand. 

Knowhow of the past and ancestors is revived and revalued, and as our phygital age has it: enhanced with today's smart technologies. 

Aesthetics of the digital worlds, young generations especially, move and live in as second homes blend with folklore elements and visuals. 
We take pride in where we come from and our cultural identities. We return to stronger cultural expressions. Especially historically oppressed minority groups find the courage and platform to express themselves more openly. It's a taking back of what belongs to them and all of us: the birthright of identity and freedom of expression. 

In a day and age so connected and intertwined, cultural identities are strong, but fluid. They become beautifully fused with the multicultural tapestry of our time. Culture doesn't only refer to your birthplace, it represents what is meaningful to you. 

Diversity and inclusivity are a must. We express our roots, our ethos, our lifestyles, our choices and preferences, our spirituality, our race, our skin tone, our bodies, our sexuality... in a louder and positive way. 
It's a time of activism. Collective activism. Creative activism. Aesthetic activism
Mous Lamrabat
We're all unique and longing to convey our unicity, but we're also all influenced by one another and interconnected. Social media and digital connections create on- and offline platforms in which voices can speak louder and heard further. 
 We live in times where speaking up is encouraged and stories can be shared in a connective, creative, provocative, sometimes shocking, always beautiful way. 

Humans unite to represent themselves, their culture and the good of the entire human population. The voiced raise their voices for the voiceless. Historical minority groups are rising out of their imposed shadows and the credit they deserve, is finally starting to come to them. There's a growing appreciation for the inspiration and knowledge they bring to our lives and our world. 
Representation from the people for the people by the people
Decolonial Futures