Chou Chou by Manu Van Guijze


Vegetable Inspired Textile

Chou Chou (Rouge) is the inquisitive master project by Manu Van Guijze, who created this project by staying true to her values and who she is. A series of textile pieces inspired by and made with vegetables.

Chou Chou consists of six tufted works naturally dyed with red cabbage, beets, red wine, and black beans. The shapes gently allude to growth patterns in nature.

"As a designer, I enjoy working with textiles. I first began working with them during my interior design education. I'm drawn to it because of its empathetic, soft, and comfortable nature. These qualities align with the values I hold dear as an interior designer, furniture designer, and artist: softness, compassion, well-being, and comfort", Manu shares.
Chou Chou Rouge - Manu Van Guijze
"Unfortunately, the dyeing process for fabrics is extremely harmful to humans, animals, and the environment—an aspect that is fundamentally incompatible with my values", Manu continues. "This led me to embark on a research project on natural textile dyeing during my pre-master year in visual arts. In that year, I learned about natural color processes, color effects, and developed my personal dyeing method".

Chou Chou (Rouge) is a continuation of this research. Manu applied her unique, natural dyeing method to wool yarn to later be able to tuft it.
The growth patterns of vegetables have always inspired me, I started to create forms clearly inspired by the cross-sections of vegetables