DERME by Marit Doorenbos


Inspired by Human Skin Cells

DERME is Marit Doorenbos' kind message to the world. A statement collection inspired by human skin cells. 

A get together of sofas designed to raise awareness about racism. Just like people, DERME sofas have their own unique pigment, but they're all constructed in the same way. In their beauty, they reflect our diverse society.
The DERME sofas are designed in such a way that there's a myriad of compositions to create your own personal collection, both through their skin cell shape and the structure inside. The sofa structure is made of wood and contains a system that allows the backrests to be moved.

The cotton fabric is coloured with natural and synthetic pigments, resulting in unique and individual shades. The fabrics are designed to showcase and normalise skin imperfections, such as pigmentation, birthmarks, and freckles. 
DERME is my important message in a world where people are often judged based on their appearance (Marit Doorenbos)