What & Why?

‘Unknown is unloved’, with the objective of revamping the image of the Belgian textile and woodcraft industries and bringing industry and young generations closer together, Fedustria and Trendwolves found each other.

Combining our many years of expertise, knowhow and research, it’s our joint mission to build bridges between industry and youngsters, between companies and the educational system, to construct a story of “we”’. 

We wish to inspire a cross-fertilisation of ideas, research and creation between different worlds and approaches of generations that can optimise and beautify our world.
"Our society is constantly changing. Our industry is constantly changing. We hold a rich history & heritage of knowhow, craftsmanship, expertise & experience. Investments, as well as creativity & imagination, are necessary to face rapid changes, but also, young blood, fresh visions & youthful talent" Karla Basselier - CEO Fedustria


Fedustria represents the companies of the Belgian textile, woodworking and furniture industries, as well as the wood import trade. Together, these sectors generate a turnover of 12 billion Euros and account for about 36.237 jobs in 1.666 companies in Belgium. In other words, one of the most important sectors of the Belgian industry.
Trendwolves is a European youth trend and marketing agency whose expertise lies in monitoring global youth culture and trends. We believe trend research allows you to anticipate and initiate. We choose to focus on youngsters, because they are the driving force of innovation.


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