Re:Living Tomorrow
Alexander Mc Queen

Re:Living Tomorrow

'Healing' is a buzzword. 'Wellbeing' ranks high in Google searches and 'mental health' is no longer taboo. We've come a long way... 

RE:LIVE revives the growing importance of (mental) health, wellbeing, comfort and performance in our day-to-day lives. Young generations grow up with therapists as surrogate parents (little exaggeration intended), a culture of (self)reflection, body positivity, meditation, micro-medication is encouraged to stay calm, stay happy, but also true and close to yourself. 

We invest more in our health and wellbeing and expect businesses to invest more in this as well. We demand more comfort, better performance and, yes, solutions from the designs we purchase and consume. 
Everything becomes smarter & more sensitive. Smart textiles. Sensitive science
Design focus shifts to the search of creating an environment in which we can all feel comfortable and thrive; propelling human performance further with the help of smart and sensitive science and design. Like creating fabrics that feel and breathe like a second skin; or tennis strings, made out of ocean plastic that almost guarantee a Wimbledon win. 
Soms Wil Je Herinneringen Kunnen Aanraken - Clare De Vos
In the continuous human conundrum of dealing with all aspects of life: beginnings and endings, love and loss, health, pain, suffering... we look for ways to accept every little part of our daily realities and make all aspects of life, from beginning to end, more comfortable and wholesome. Like the stitching the fabric of the favourite shirt of a loved one into our own clothing to give our loss a new place, closer to our hearts; or the creation of healing environments, like cancer treatment centers, where everything breathes 'meditation' instead of 'medication'. 
 In our search to RE:LIVE and live better we turn to nature as our brightest sources of inspiration, and the rediscovery of our own nature, who we are as living, breathing, thinking, feeling human beings. We call upon man-made technologies and the intelligence of science to support us in our quest of making life worth living. A life in which we create better worlds, not just for us, but for those around us and the earth that sustains us all.  
RE:LIVE revives the growing importance of (mental) health, wellbeing, comfort and performance in our day-to-day lives