Yes We Sex by Ataraxia Design Duo


Revolutionary Inclusive Furniture

Yes We Sex revolutionises sex and furniture through inclusivity, virtual reality and smart design. 

Nikita Aulov & Nina Van Herck, the design duo behind Ataraxia Designstudio, created 'Yes We Sex', a unique design that promotes sexuality and intimacy for people with physical disabilities and their (sexual) partners. 

In close collaboration with their target audience and by utilising 3D modeling in Virtual Reality, Ataraxia Design Duo customises their furniture tailored to the potential users. This takes into account the physical, aesthetic, and sexual needs of the target audience.
With 'Yes We Sex,' the design duo aims to contribute to a more inclusive society where love and sexuality are facilitated for everyone, regardless of limitations or gender.
'Yes We Sex' subtle design hides its multi-functionality as an ergonomic sexual piece of furniture. The seat provides support in terms of (sexual) ergonomics, transfers, and movements without the assistance of others. Users can have sex in different locations in the house and explore various positions. The furniture is custom-made at an affordable price to meet individual needs and preferences. Moreover, it is designed according to the sustainable cradle-to-cradle principle, making recycling easier.

The furniture encourages a satisfying sex life and opens up new opportunities. It promotes sexual autonomy, sexual pleasure, and new possibilities.