Sometimes You Want To Touch Memories


Sensitive Design by Clara De Vos
Clara De Vos

Sensitive Design by Clara De Vos

'Sometimes, you want to be able to touch memories' or in its original, Dutch name: 'Soms wil je herinneringen kunnen aanraken', is the sensitive master project of Clara De Vos for KASK - Gent. 

The project is meditative, delicate and tender and tries to give space and a special place to one of the hardest parts of life: loss. 

When you experience a farewell or loss, there are often things left behind. Objects that form tangible memories of what or who you lost or parted with. We tend to handle these objects in various ways: we store them in a box, display them in our homes, or give them away.

Clara's master projects artistically talks about how we can deal with textiles that remain after a loss or farewell. 
Textiles are very intimate because they are close to our skin and serve a protective function
"By reworking or transforming the textiles that are left behind, I aim to give them a new place in people's lives", Clara says. "Together with those who've lost, I engage in a process in which I explore how to integrate the leftover textiles into their daily fabrics".

By giving the preserved textiles a new place, a new and more active place for memory comes to exist.