a story of WE

A story of “we”, of connection, collaboration, co-creation.

As the African proverb has it: "Alone we go far, but together we go further".  Especially in our day and age when there’s no time to lose, but losing we are, and systemic changes are necessary. 

RE:CONNECT is a story we write together for a stronger, more connected tomorrow. A tomorrow in which we look back at the past and learn from the wisdom of our ancestors who knew what it was like to live and work in true 'community'. Who valued to regenerative power of truly listening and real conversation. 
Tomorrow we'll see the rise and growing importance of communities, partnerships, commons in which people, of all walks of life, come together sharing the same core values, sharing the same goals for a future that protects rights: human rights, animal rights environmental rights
This connection is circular. Truly circular solutions can only come to life when we work together and collaborate beyond our individual, cross-company, cross-industry realms.

Businesses will find and complete one another. 'One man's trash becomes another man's treasure', meaning full collaborations will be born based on the use of waste streams and the use of primary materials. 

Circular matchmakers will help individuals and business in finding meaningful connections and life partners in the co-creation of a sustainable future. 

Individualism is so yesterday. Collectives shape our tomorrow. Collectives that bring together artists, designers, researchers... and use the power of numbers to create beauty, deepen knowledge and work together on shared dreams and visions. 
Trenzar Brussels
There's much talk about staying connected through a myriad of screens; about social media to stay, well, 'social'; about likes and swipes, forums and meetings and... screen-time-life, screen-time-connection. We're so connected that we long to disconnect by bonding with real-life, real-time places, projects and people. 

We RE:CONNECT by creating projects and products that inspire genuine human gatherings where real-life experiences take precedence over screen time. Projects sensitive to what it really means to be human, alive and part of this world. 

Together, we recognise the profound significance of all life on this planet and stand unite to champion human rights. We come together to defend, protect and advocate for positive action against the roaring social misconduct and ultra fast, ultra polluting systems that rage through our worlds today.