Collective What Comes Next


Stepping Outside Fashion's Boundaries

Collective WhatComesNext is a group of young fashion designers in Ghent who aim to step outside the constraints of the traditional fashion narrative. The Collective enthusiastically discards the rules and takes pleasure in breaking taboos. They focus on interdisciplinary work and the blurring of boundaries between performance, art, and fashion.
Sarah De Geyter
No such thing as boring catwalks, idealised bodies as models, or classic beauty standards with the Collective. Instead of glitter and glamour on a red carpet, they offer resistance, uninhibited desires, and enthusiasm. Addressing important societal topics is at the heart of the collective. They're a creative lab that creates capsule collections, organises fashion shows and performances. Every creation, from materials to presentation form, is designed with attention to detail and profound questioning. The Collective is driven by experimenting and this in the most creative way. What Comes Next?! Look out for their work!