Sofar: the Seat of Tomorrow


An Interview w/ Esther Noëth -

When creative and visionary ambitions turn into a reality that you can see, touch and use, great things come to life. Such is the story of the impact start-up, Sofar. Two ambitious, Belgian women with green hearts, coming together to create the seat of tomorrow, literally! Sofar: a fully circular and modular sofa design with personalised customer service.
We spoke to product developer and Phd. Researcher Esther Noëth who, together with interior decorator, Nele Vlaeminck, created ‘’.
Esther Noëth - Sofar
We wanted to create a new brand that shows the industry that, how things are right now, isn’t sustainable. We wish to show them true sustainability and circularity, so we designed Sofar
Sofar is a modular sofa, designed with high-quality, sustainable materials that can be personalized to your wishes. The modularity of the design gives you the chance to create and recreate your sofa overtime. “Customers can choose which sofa structure they want”, Esther says, “we have standard parts with which you can create the sofa structure that fits you best. You can also choose the finishing and style of your Sofar”. In this way Sofar is different every time and offers an entirely personalised piece of furniture. 
But there’s more to this thoughtfully crafted design! “After you’ve purchased your Sofar, we remain in contact”, Esther continues. A QR code is added to the sofas on which the customer can find all necessary information about the design and can stay in touch with Sofar throughout the lifetime of their favorite couch. “We’re in it for the long haul”, says Esther, “Overtime our focus shifts from design and product to customer and service. We offer personal customer support. Any element of our sofa can be changed or refurbished; elements can be added to alter your design.” This translates the long-term vision and identity of true circular design.
We don’t want to create a new market with our sofas. It's our sincere wish that every Sofar equals 5 ‘normal’ sofas. We want to make this segment of the market more sustainable
Sofar is here to stay and created to become that long-term roommate you don’t want to get rid of. It’s designed for longevity with materials of the highest quality, a modular design that can change as you change and strong customer relationships with a female-owned business that cares about their creations and customers. 
Once you feel it’s time to say goodbye to your sofa, the Sofar cycle doesn’t stop. In true circular spirit, the design allows for all elements of the couch to be refurbished and re-used in new creations. Customers are rewarded for their trust in Sofar and get their initial warrantee back; a gift for supporting circular design. 
A small company with big visions that draws full circles and creates for circularity. Two women with clear views they stick to and the drive to search, find and design the sofa and company of the future.