Modular Fashion & Design


by young designer Leen Stoffels
Modular Scarf by Leen Stoffels

by young designer Leen Stoffels

The disposable and fast-fashion/design culture needs to change. We're in desperate need of more sustainability and slow fashion/design, but ecology and durability shouldn't have to mean cutting back on variety and innovation.

Young designer Leen developed a modular system in which the shape of the textile can be adjusted according to function, with a focus on modular systems integrated into knitting techniques and sustainability.
Sustainability is not only reflected in material choices but also in the design of functional objects and clothing. Leen consciously designs wearable and usable pieces that not only have a timeless silhouette, but are also modular and therefore changeable. The shape of each design can be transformed according to the desired function through a simple manual and the integrated modular systems (closed/open...). This is made possible through loops and pull systems.

When this technique is applied to a sweater/blanket/bag/interior object or any other functional object, it creates a sustainable game of constant reinvention. This creates a strong interaction between the user and the piece, allowing it to be continually adjusted to changing preferences.