design by young furniture designer Jolein Vervoort
GRONDstof by Jolein Vervoort

design by young furniture designer Jolein Vervoort

Talented young designer, Jolein Vervoort introduces 'GRONDstof'. 'Grondstof' is the Dutch word for 'primary material'. Grond = ground/earth, Stof = fabric, material.

It's a ground furniture design piece that brings both tranquility and homeliness to your interior. Its modest design and tactility invite you to ground yourself and find peace. The cozy carpet caters to various activities, adapting to the user's actions: sitting, reading, relaxing, working, etc.
With just two modules, you can effortlessly create different combinations and arrangements. A side table and an external backrest become unnecessary.

Additionally, the soft contact layer can be separated from the sturdy structural base. This makes the carpet easy to replace, repair and maintain. With the modular system, the user can choose the size of the carpet, adapting it to both their needs and the potential of the space. Make room for the ground, and everything falls into place.