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An Interview w/ Stefan Dusart - Ethnicraft Group

An Interview w/ Stefan Dusart - Ethnicraft Group

Some people have world views that always stay young even as they, slowly, get older, such a person is Stefan Dusart, Global Sales & Marketing Director at Ethnicraft Group. Established in Antwerp more than 25 years ago, furniture design company Ethnicraft has always been centered around high-quality and warm materials, alongside form and function.  
Back in 2020 Stefan co-founded Live Light and Re-Loved, two new concepts within Ethnicraft focused on circular design, recycling and new models of consumption and ownership.
Live Light and Re-Loved were born out of the spirit that our designs need to be and stay relevant to young people
Live Light rents out Ethnicraft signature furniture, supporting a subscription-based model. Minimum rent is one month, moving with the pace of young people who have the tendency to settle less quickly and for shorter periods of time than previous generations. “With Live Light we want to cater to youngsters who love design objects, but whose lifestyle and/or budget doesn’t permit buying Ethnicraft. These models make sure our company stays relevant”, according to Stefan. 
Another Ethnicraft offspring that keeps the company relevant is ‘Re-Loved’. Re-Loved offers refurbished, repaired and reused Ethnicraft furniture and objects. “Damaged products that are taken out of production, but are functionally okay, pass through our workshop and are refurbished. Any defects they may have, are clearly described and shown through pictures, offering full transparency to our clients. Re-Loved is a great option for the youth segment of the market and people with a passion for design, but a tighter budget”, Stefan explains. 
After 25 years Stefan hasn’t lost a bit of passion for Ethnicraft Group and his industry. “One of the things I value most about Ethnicraft group is our focus on team spirit and a young company culture. We value young visions and people and strongly believe in giving younger generations the chances they deserve. We have a young team that has a positive outlook on the future and focuses on circularity, sustainability, new business models and democratizing design”. 
When asked what attracts people to the woodcraft and furniture industry, Stefan talks about the intrinsic ability to create beautiful, creative and aesthetically pleasing products and designs with wood. “Wood gives a designer the potential to create a truly timeless product”, Stefan says. 
Young people nowadays are especially drawn to wood as a primary material and the woodcraft industry because of their growing awareness of and appreciation for sustainable and natural design
When looking at the world of tomorrow and trends, Stefan talks about the importance of circularity and the creation of new business models, circular business models. “New business models will guide us into the future. These new businesses and designs must be sustainable, circular and collaborative. Thanks to the EU Green Deal we’ll all learn to reuse products and repurpose waste streams. Designs will be re-thought into more circular models. Cross-company and cross-industrial bonds will be made to do so”. 
Stefan speaks about the changing of customer relationships and customer demands as well. “Traceability of primary materials will become of the utmost importance to meet new client demands and create transparency, but also to sustain truly circular design and design for disassembly”. 
We finish off our conversation with some Belgian pride. “Belgian design is appreciated all over the world”, Stefan says with enthusiasm, “Our companies offer high quality, good design, creativity and innovation. We are well-organised and our central location offers potential, but… we’re often too modest and need better marketing. We deserve to put ourselves in the spotlight as well”.
We’ll try to follow up on this advice Stefan!