furniture design by Femke Ruybeek

'Affectum' examens the relationship between character and form. By using solid oak wood as a medium, young furniture designer Femke aims to give shape to the intangible. This involves experimenting with various shapes, proportions, and textures. The result is a pronounced diversity of characters, architectually translated in a set of stools. 

This project highlights the versatility of humanity and celebrates the unique identity of each individual. 'Affectum' isn't just an endless series of random shapes, but offers a new perspective on how we perceive form and how try to link, experience, and understand our identity and emotions in a surprising way.

'Affectum' invites engaging interaction between viewer and object, where form, emotion, and character merge and redefine the relationship between human and furniture.
In a world where everything revolves around mass production and the speed of existence, Femke went in search of the opposite. She sought to honour a craft that would also allow her to experience a deep connection with the material she was using. During her journey in woodturning, she found what she was looking for: the opportunity to create dynamic and visually appealing forms that evoke different feelings and moods.

The art of woodturning is a beautiful craft that is slowly being lost. It requires time, passion, and sensitivity. The intuitive aspect plays an important role in Femke's work, resulting in truly unique and authentic pieces. As a designer, she's always seeking artistic versatility and the expressiveness that comes with it. In doing so, Femke strives for harmony between functionality, aesthetics, and the human experience. The young designer wants her creations to not only serve as functional objects but also as sculptures that can move within a space, conveying new insights and meanings on an emotional level. Each object is imbued with its own character.